"Well done ! dear soldiers Its good that you took a bold initiative by jumping on the field" | "जब देश के सैनिक पार्टी बना लिए हैं तो हमको पूरा विश्वास है आप देश विकास और संविधान महफूज रहेगा और जनता साथ में रहेगा जय हिंद" | " JBP के सामने बड़ी बाधा EVM ... ??? इनके अपने वोट भी पहुँच पाएंगे इनके खाते में ???" | sharafat Hussain Aap Sab Fouji Bhaaion ka shukr gujaar hun ki Desh ko Dhiyan m Rakhty hua Janta Brigad Party (JBP) ka desh m kuchh kr dekhaana hai" | "Welcome Yad rakhna fauji bika to desh bika Firto aarpaar ki ladai hogi" | "Congratulations.fauzi party zindabad.ham sabhi fauzi aapke saath h" | "Retd. Army peoples party can be better than bjp which has spoiled all norms of democracy" | "Great news, if it is true that army is making a political party in the name of JBP, we welcome and it is need of the time . Throw the corrupt" | "I salute and support this movement of a new party consisting army personals, provided they are not linked to RSS" | "Mai.....AZ Tak vote NAHI Diya...par log agar election ...Mera party ko ....jayega....." | "Ab aayega maza Ksm se Life me pehli baar Ye news dekh ke mera dil khush ho gya😍😘😘❤️🇮🇳" | "Kasam khuda ki agar ye sach huwa to India top par hoga.or ham sab muslim isse sehmat he

Manifesto "Janta Brigade Party"


Janta Brigade Party will work like a “Brigade” to achieve aim. The Brigade will extend full support to its policies, for the betterment of the Public.

  • 2. Free Health service for all through Mandatory Health Facility Act.
  • 3. All jobs, Government jobs. 100% Government Rojgar for all, through Mandatory Government Employment Act.
  • 4. Digital voting right from Home through registered mobile number.
  • 5. Set up of Religious Ministry for equal honor to all religions.
  • 6. Entire responsibility of the Soldiers is first priority from date of Enlistment till death including rehabilitation and family of soldiers.
  • 7. Implementation of District Level Recruitment Program (DLRP), DLRP Act.
  • 8. Equal Pay Scale of all Uniform Personnel by the Center and allowances by the State Government.
  • 9. One helpline number for all citizens for all services and support.
  • 10. Public money will not be used as free offer, to take advantages of politics and no advertisement for promotions of Government work progress.
  • 11. Time frame for Judiciary, by extended District Court facility at Tahsil level with increasing number of Judges.
  • 12. Timely implementation and decisions by the Government authorities on public request, Time Limit Channel (TLC) process will be implemented.
  • 13. Launch of Digital app “Citizen Opinion” for online voting of citizens on all bills before putting on the table of Sansad/Vidhan Sabha.
  • 14. To Control population “Two child only” mandatory for all citizens will be adopted.
  • 15. To serve the nation through True Disciplined Politics, a chapter will be added in education.
  • 16. Reservation policy will be ungraded to need of citizens irrespective cast and creed.
  • 17. To stop inter state migration proportionate employment opportunities in all states will be created.


  • All State Police will be extended pay scale at par with Delhi Police.