"Well done ! dear soldiers Its good that you took a bold initiative by jumping on the field" | "जब देश के सैनिक पार्टी बना लिए हैं तो हमको पूरा विश्वास है आप देश विकास और संविधान महफूज रहेगा और जनता साथ में रहेगा जय हिंद" | " JBP के सामने बड़ी बाधा EVM ... ??? इनके अपने वोट भी पहुँच पाएंगे इनके खाते में ???" | sharafat Hussain Aap Sab Fouji Bhaaion ka shukr gujaar hun ki Desh ko Dhiyan m Rakhty hua Janta Brigad Party (JBP) ka desh m kuchh kr dekhaana hai" | "Welcome Yad rakhna fauji bika to desh bika Firto aarpaar ki ladai hogi" | "Congratulations.fauzi party zindabad.ham sabhi fauzi aapke saath h" | "Retd. Army peoples party can be better than bjp which has spoiled all norms of democracy" | "Great news, if it is true that army is making a political party in the name of JBP, we welcome and it is need of the time . Throw the corrupt" | "I salute and support this movement of a new party consisting army personals, provided they are not linked to RSS" | "Mai.....AZ Tak vote NAHI Diya...par ....ye log agar election ...ladhenge....to ...Mera vote....is party ko ....jayega....." | "Ab aayega maza Ksm se Life me pehli baar Ye news dekh ke mera dil khush ho gya😍😘😘❤️🇮🇳" | "Kasam khuda ki agar ye sach huwa to India top par hoga.or ham sab muslim isse sehmat he


  • "Janta Brigade Party" is constituted by the Soldiers, for the Nation, for social awareness of politics and active participation of citizens in politics.
  • Indian politics is often described as being feisty, vibrant, colourful, controversial, debatable, provocative, all of that and more. It all depends on your thought process. Ask a billion people, what is wrong with Indian politics and you will get a billion different answers. People are aware, concerned and involved, good or bad, but having fear to participate in politics, as only powerful peoples are getting the chance to lead politics in India.
  • Now, we request to all warrior and citizens of India, those are keen to serve the nation through Politics and want to lead a political career, are welcome to “Janta Brigade Party” and be a “Soldier of Brigade”.
  • The first and only Disciplined Political Brigade with Uniform.
  • Lead the Nation like a Soldier.
  • Open recruitment transparent performance base selection of Candidate for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and all other democratic post.
  • The main “Objective” of the “Janta Brigade Party” is
  1. a) Free mandatory education for all citizens.
  2. b) Free mandatory Health Support for citizens.
  3. c) All jobs at par with Government Jobs, with pension facility.
  4. d) Implementation of District Level Recruitment Program.
  5. e) Set up of “Religious Ministry” for honor to all regions and their leaders.